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WE ARE an anarchic amalgamation of cyclists of all types - DH, XC, freeride and skill levels competition (no success) and pootle (gold medal standard). Most important is we actually do it. We ride in all sorts of places; North Downs, South Downs, Wales, Chilterns, Peaks, Lakes, Yorkshire, Alps, America. Car sharing is the norm and travel never has been a problem.

Then we use the list to talk and talk and talk about rides, kit, other people...

We also drink, tell lies and covet our neighbours new pimpy bike.

cyclistWE AREN'T a club, we don't have rules, a committee, fees, the same boring Sunday ride every week and certainly not matching ride shirts!

Our mailing list is hosted by Yahoo and can be found at The list is very light hearted and not usually time consuming as there are typically 5-10 mails a day, sometimes more if a big ride is being organized. There are 3 ways to subscribe:
1) Just send an e-mail to
2) Click the link to Yahoo at the top of the page, this will take you to the group home page where you can subscribe and alter your yahoo account settings.
3) Enter your e-mail address in the box at the bottom of this page.
The registration process on the Yahoo can be quite confusing if you are trying to use a Yahoo Id, this page contains a very rough guide to registering this way.

Top Hotels

If you wish to stop doing anything constructive altogether then I thoroughly recommend joining the list, typically 200+ mails a day mostly unrelated to mountain biking :-) Subscribe by sending a mail to then sit back and expect to do no work for the rest of your life!!!

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The aim of this web site is to provide supporting information for the mailing list, including ride info and social info along with profiles of some of the main list contributors. If you are on the list and you want to add something to the site: pictures, ride guide, profile or anything just mail it to me.

Cycling Reports

16/08/2010 - SITS Solo Experiences ... full report 24 hours of riding around on a muddy track in the midlands... Sounds like fun, so I signed up to race this thing on a whim and at short notice. I'm OK at long rides, you know 8-10 hours in the saddle, how different can 24 hours be? Well, I knew enough to know that running the run wasn 14/12/2015 - Burbage Trail Quest ... full report The sun was shining, the wind was blowing (always from the wrong direction) the ground had developed tractor beam tendencies and I'd packed the wrong legs... To add insult to injury Nicci and I lost our top position and came second out of a field of about two! We wasted half an hour

02/11/2015 - North Downs - First Winter Ride ... full report Up in the dark. Miserable weather. Chuck kit in car, strap bike on top. Drive to Wotton (where?) for 10:30. Mike phones, sounds like death, can't make it but says we should show Rob around on the Nicolai. Victoria (wisely?) stays in bed. Toby's under the weather. Nicky texts, "Fine weather for ducks

02/09/2015 - I'm fitter than Barrie Clarke! ... full report Cristalp, it?s Saturday morning in Verbier. My nightmare has come true and we go to register. Ridiculously fit-looking people everywhere and I?m feeling very out of place. Raggy and I are desperately trying to convince each other everything will be OK when Raggy suddenly breaks off and says

"H 17/08/2015 - Nicky reports from the RUSS Ride for a Flight day ... full report It was a fantastic weekend! A few of us turned up early on Saturday for the Evans ride which was blessed with sunny skies and dry trails, before getting ready for Ride for a flight with a few beers and a BBQ laid on by Trailbreak. We woosed out of camping and headed home whilst the hardier types s